Campbell Pottery Store

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help artists sell their work.

Our store began as a way to sell our own work and to quit the Art Fair circuit (hard work, travel, and uncertain success). Selling is a necessary evil for survival, while artists really only want to make art. It can be impossible to get invoices, cards, or catalogs from artists so we can do business! The most practical artists have helpers so they can delegate these responsibilities and have a production line, so the artist is free to make new designs and special pieces.

As we began to carry the work of more artists, a secondary mission naturally evolved, which is to create an exceptional experience for our visitors. Sometimes the world news gets you down, while an immersion in wonderful creative ideas can change your perspective and make you like humans again. It refreshes the spirit. People who make their way here to us “In the middle of nowhere” are always amazed at the quality of our store and Gallery. Our talented staff works hard to compile an interesting variety of displays that are always changing, making each visit a different and rewarding experience.