Campbell Pottery Store

Donation Requests

We like to support causes in our local area as much as possible!

Please be advised that we do not donate money. Also, we do not purchase ads, banners, or T shirts. What we can do is donate a piece of pottery (our choice) for your Chinese auction, raffle or other fundraising effort. You are responsible for all compliance with local or state laws (license if needed, etc.) for your event.

What we need from you is a letter of request which includes:

  • Name of the organization
  • Name of event
  • What the fundraising is for
  • When the event will be held
  • Location of the event
  • Who will be attending (general public, special group, etc)
  • When you would like to pick up the item
  • Who is our contact person with phone # and/or e-mail to call when ready
  • Who will be picking up the item

The request should be mailed, faxed, e-mailed, or hand delivered.

We would like to get requests ASAP, or at least the month before, with a minimum of two weeks notice. Last minute and walk in requests will not be considered, as we are busy with store tasks. Thank you for your courtesy and understanding.

We have a limit of how many donations we can accommodate per month, so we cannot always supply every request, and/or every event each year. (they seem to multiply)

We also try to keep it local, and focus on children, art, health, and volunteer organizations that help others or improve the quality of life in our area.