Campbell Pottery Store

How to Purchase Pottery

Best way hands down: come here!

Art is best appreciated in the real world. We feel art is a necessary and welcome recess from the world we live in, which has too many electronics, alarm, screens, texts, and messages. There is no substitute for seeing it and holding it in your hands. There is a lot of variation in the glazes, due to the nature of the craft. We do not have online purchasing, sorry! Other stores carry our pottery as well. For the list, go to and click on Find a Gallery.

If that doesn’t help, you may order via our very primitive system which we have no intention of remodeling. You may look at Bill’s website and find what you are interested in, then e-mail us with questions. PLEASE NOTE: You must call the STORE at 814-734-8800 to purchase pottery.

(There are no prices on the website because it is a tool for the stores that buy our work) Or, if you are ready with style #s and descriptions, you can call our helpful (but occasionally distracted) staff during normal business hours, March 1st through December 31, and we can give you prices and availability, either immediately, or if necessary, in a return phone call or e-mail. (Sometimes we are busy with visitors.)

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Items in stock are sent out within 2-3 days, depending on when Paul comes over in the truck to get it and how many orders are over in the shipping department. If we are out of stock, it could take longer. Not every piece is made every week, it depends on orders. Also our shipping department is closed the first two weeks of July and Christmas week, so there is a big delay then. Plan accordingly.