Campbell Pottery Store

Wrapping and Packing

See SHIPPING for shipping packing.

For packing in the store, we have a variety of methods.

If you are buying for yourself, we wrap all breakables in brown paper, We use a lot of paper and create air pockets which protect the work very well. We put all the purchases in paper bags unless the items are very large, like platters and our biggest vases. These we may put in cardboard boxes for safe transport, again with lots of crumpled brown paper. Glass items may be gift boxed or bubble wrapped for safety.

If you are traveling a great distance, have many small items, like dinnerware, or are a crazy driver, we will pack all your breakables in large cardboard boxes with lots of paper so items can’t shift around. Boxes are 12” x 12” x 12” for the smallest and maybe 24”x 24”x 10” for a larger one. You might want to bring the van and not the sports car if you are planning to buy 2 lamps and a set of dinnerware for 8, because there will be a lot of boxes. We recommend shipping for: a lot of work to go a long distance, it’s safer.

For gifts delivered by you, we will gift box most items for you at no charge. It is our pleasure to make your life easier. Some items, like yard stakes, simply cannot be boxed. Some larger items like platters and mirrors, may need to go in a new cardboard box, but most things can go in our plain white gift boxes with a Campbell Pottery Store sticker and a gold tie. These are suitable for gifting as is, or you may wrap them in paper at home, however you like.

If you are traveling by plane, we can bubble wrap your breakables and wish you luck. If you are buying many pieces, or larger pieces, you might be safer to ship them. See SHIPPING. We once had a visitor who bought a 25 pound large stone owl and had us bubble wrap it to take on the plane. I hope she didn’t have to change planes with a long layover and have to carry the owl all over the airport. We have not yet heard how that went, but she could not bear to go home without it.

Please remember to allow time for us to properly wrap and pack your purchases. If you have a meeting in 15 minutes, we cannot box 10 different sized vases in time. Thanks for your patience.

NOTE: We wrap as securely as possible with our space and resources. YOU are responsible for your purchases once you leave the store. Remember anything can break if not handled carefully.